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tv   Nightline  ABC  October 4, 2014 12:42am-1:13am EDT

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>> thank you! [ cheers and applause ] this is "nightline." tonight, prayers for punches. >> turn the other cheek. not in a million years. >> the enemy -- >> fight ministries are spreading fast. preaching good christian values by day. fighting by night. why this is one way to love thy neighbor. this woman is about to have her fourth nose job in plastic perfection. is she losing her identity in
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the process. and the new music video shows adam levine making out with a gorgeous woman, with his wife, so why are so many outraged by it. but first the "nightline" 5. nu
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good evening. tonight, a controversial trend is taking hold in a place in america that you might least expect. church. christian ministries with a passion of fighting are bringing mixed martial arts to the congress grags. a time to pray and then fight. there's no gospel in a gut-punch. here's abc's bob woodruff. >> did you know that jesus is angry. >> reporter: by day he's pastor preston hocker. by night -- he's one of a growing number of pastors battling out there. >> the enemy is trying to seek and destroy. >> reporter: that believe that the brutal sport of mma has a place not only in the cage but in the church. >> when the cage door closes, there's nowhere to run or hide.
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someone shout jesus! >> reporter: there's now 700 fight ministries around the country. >> the whole reason having the fights here so that we can bring people in and tell them about god. >> reporter: a new documentary called fight church, explores the phenomenon. >> cage fighting does not speak about loving each other. it's about hating one another. >> i think most people that criticize me or criticize christian fighters in general, either don't understand the sport or don't completely understand jesus. >> reporter: preston hocker grew up learning the teaches of jesus from his father, a pastor at freedom fellowship in virginia beach. he only turned to mixed martial arts after tragedy struck a friend. >> i was newly married. i wanted to know that i had the
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ability to at the very least defend her life. >> reporter: hocker started training and began to feel with the skills and lessons he learned could also benefit his ministry. now up to 20 fighters join him for practices in the church. >> i believe that martial arts can lead people to jesus. i'm not sure it's the best way, but it's one of the ways. >> reporter: preston has taken it to the next level and doesn't see any high proxy in fighting on saturday night and preaching about love on sunday morning. >> turn the other cheek. >> reporter: you're not turning the cheek? you're actually punch zblg yeah, my cheek might turn if i get hit hard enough. that teaching is really all about forgiveness. >> reporter: but you're trying to hurt somebody? >> yeah. i think pain teaches us some
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things. >> reporter: but this is a controversial lesson as we see in the film, especially when being taught to children like lucas. >> i like fighting. fighting is fun. i like hitting things. >> reporter: he trains at a fight ministry in new york, he suffers a beat-down against a smaller and younger opponent. >> good job. good job. hey, hey, look at me. look at me. you're fine. you're fine. don't cry. >> it's hard to watch a kid cry like that and watch a kid so defeated. but, i have had that experience playing in little league. with a kid like that, it would be imperative for the dad to say, no matter what you do i'm going to proud of you. >> reporter: the message of mma vie lites the most important teaching of jesus, love thy neighbor. >> our society is kind of
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disintegrated in a certain way. not just when it's in the womb, life, but for every moment until the tomb. >> reporter: this father has been a parish in new york for 43 years and believes the growing popularity of mma is a sign of societial problem. >> jesus doesn't endorse violence. >> reporter: in his state, it's still illegal. he believes that churches should be held to a higher moral standard. >> you can't use nongospel values to reveal gospel values. it just doesn't go. nothing in the gospel in cage fighting. >> the body of christ. >> it doesn't occur to me that this would be a dilemma for anyone. >> reporter: but another pastor also featured in the film thinks fighting can serve a higher
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purpose. >> people are watching mma. i think that's where we should be. >> reporter: and he believes his brand of fight churches can fix another problem in today's society. >> i think the vast month jorty of problems in our culture is we have a bunch of cowards. we have taken away aggressive, competitiveness, they almost like females. >> reporter: do you think the christian church has become too fennel niced. >> i don't know if i would use that quote specifically. however, across the board, i think there's some men that probably ought to rise up in some leadership in church, kids' ministry would be an ideal place for men, there are so many kids that don't have fathers. >> reporter: pastor hocker sees his fight club as a way to build his community.
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children are welcomed only to train not to fight. connor who's 17, says his training has helped him overcome problems with bullying. >> i don't want to hit them back anymore, i have my own self-control. >> when you learn how to fight, you have already learned self-confidence. >> this is my daughter. >> reporter: see you little girl boxing like that, what do you sthi. >> i think it's awesome. >> reporter: the youngest member of the fight team is just 10 years old, adriana. >> it like helps me. >> reporter: are you fraid? >> no? yeah i am about some things and then other things i'm not. >> reporter: what if your 10-year-old daughter got hit in the head? >> that hasn't happened yet. >> reporter: some criticism about this, it's kind of
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violent. >> yes, it is. i have heard the other side. but i think it teaches them discipline, i really do. there's a time and a place to control their feelings. >> reporter: teaching like that is asking too much of impressionable children, he says. >> they getting anry, let's step inside the cage. >> reporter: but for the churches where it seems to be working they say it's a risk worth taking. >> the same place where i have led tons of people to a relationship with christ, i'm not sure that i have some impact on people's lives somewhere else. >> reporter: if "nightline," bob woodruff in virginia beach, virginia. next, how far would you go in the pursuit of the per faekt
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they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. but for some, it's also about the nose or the cheeks or the lips. the women you're about to meet they believe they're a nip or a tuck away from a flawless face and are willing to go under the knife over and over again to achieve it, but are they losing themselves in the search for perfection. here's abc's deborah roberts.
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>> my tip isn't as defined as i would like to it to be. >> reporter: she's on the hunt for the perfect face, kendra elia. she's flown from california to new york. believing that this city of dreams will grant her wish for the nose that she's always wanted. >> hopefully, i'll see a nose not too far -- not totally drastic. >> reporter: kendra is no stranger to the knife. >> i have been through this three times. >> reporter: she's on her fourth time in rhino perfection. >> i'm willing to change what i don't think looks good. >> reporter: in recent years, an explosion in racial minorities turning to procedures in part because of their increased buying power. >> so, in high school, my first
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procedure was getting this double eyelid crease in. >> reporter: she dropped 8,000 on eye and nose work. unsatisfy from new york to south korea in search of her dream face. >> i have always been an asian girl growing up in america. i think i just grew up with a lot of -- a lot of that stress. and that external pressure. >> reporter: a societial pressure that people believe is a western ideal. >> that's the message they're giving. you know what they're saying is that the look -- the natural look of an asian person is not good enough. >> reporter: kendra who hopes the surgery will give her a reflection that she's happy with, says beauty has no price tag. >> the total cost was about
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$14,000. >> i don't see nothing wrong with it. it's fine. i always thought she was pretty. >> reporter: mom isn't sure that it's money well spent. sylvia worries with each nose job her daughter is erasing herrette nicety. >> i've been that way and i don't want to change a thing. >> reporter: kendra insists her nose doesn't eprovide her identity. >> i just want to get this part over with. this is always the most anxiety. >> hey, how are you? welcome. how was your trip. >> reporter: plastic surgeons are capitalizing on the trip. this doctor specializes in what he calls ethnic surgeries. >> when we talk about ethnic cosmetic surgery, we refer
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ethnic to african-american, asian and his panics. >> reporter: they all want similar looks. >> i have a fair amount of patients that come in and bring me photos of supercelebrities. >> reporter: kendra's surgery take s two long hours and it's complicated because of those previous surgeries. >> we don't have enough there. >> reporter: as more surgeons find ethnic -- are they trying to get more european, more white-looking noses? >> i think that's wrong. people want to refine their nose. i don't care if you're white, african-american. >> reporter: dr. perilman sees
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patients from every background. whose nose is he offering? >> are you promoting an western ideal of beauty? >> it's hard to say. again, we don't define beauty. beauty is defined by the media. by the fashion industry. and by the public. so, if you look at who's on the cover of the magazines, look at their features. >> reporter: some would argue that even those images are often altered or photo shopped. most recently, the singer lorde accused the magazine of fphoto shopping her nose. those western features still the standard of beauty. in fact, the doctor uses 3-did imaging to give patients an idea of what he's willing to do.
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i popped in the chair. if i wanted to, if i wanted to narrow a little bit, how would you achieve that? that's kind of creepy. seeing it happen like that on myself. as for the real thing, kendra's actual surgery is finally over. four days later, we check in. how are you feeling? >> i feel fine. you know, a little sore. but i'm recovering. >> reporter: you spent close $40,000? >> a lot of it was financed. kendra's pleased. but her mom is skeptical. are you kind of teetering on a little too much? >> kind of to the michael jackson look. i don't think i'm anywhere near the too much side. >> reporter: what are you going for? clearly you're a woman of color, do you not want to look like a
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woman of color in. >> i want to look like a woman of color. >> reporter: now time for a checkup. >> it will look great. >> reporter: do you think the fourth time is going to be the charm, kendra? >> i think so. >> reporter: ten days later, the big reveal. >> okay. let's just see how this -- oh, wow. i like it. yes. it's what i want. i don't think it looks drastically different, slightly different. >> reporter: her old friend kimberly is there. >> i'm going to stand with her no matter what crazy decision she makes. >> i'm nowhere near the michael jackson complex. >> i'm sure he didn't think so, either. >> reporter: kendra finally has the nose she's dreamed of. >> i don't have any regrets. even though i was satisfied
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previously, each one did get me a little closer to where i wanted to be. >> reporter: her days of going under the knife, she says, all done. for "nightline," i'm deborah roberts in new york. next -- adam levine was "people's" magazine's sexiest man alive. why is his video "animal" dem d demanding social media attention for being anything but. we were flattered when regenerist beat a $100 cream.
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it takes a lot to shock in music video nowadays. just ask lady gaga and robin thicke. but tonight, a controversial onscreen debut. he was "people's" magazine's sexiest man alive. she's the victoria secret's angel. adam levine and new wife behati prinsloo are easy on the eye. this is why it's causing so much controversial, this video, the adam playing a butcher/stalker. ♪ >> reporter: prinsloo playing a woman seemingly unaware the creepy man in glasses has her on his menu. ♪ i love you like an animal >> reporter: adam's character treating his real-life wife like
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a piece of meat. some have condemned the video. >> all this is doing is increasing the viewership to their video and increasing the awareness of their album. it was oscar wilde who said, anything worst than being talked about it is not being talked about. thank you for watching abc news. tune into "good morning america" tomorrow and we're always online at good night, america.
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♪ >> welcome to inside the eagles i'm your host john dorenbos and i'm pumped because johnny long ball has that new segment name that tune. he will sing jams and see if


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